Over 19 years of Programs for the Military, Police, Firefighters, etc., and their families creating positive change...

Wounds to Wisdom


Operation Dare To Care is a not-for-profit organization, founded by Joy Jangdhari to provide healing programs for veterans and their families.  It has since expanded to include other groups in need of healing. 
Programs promote and encourage the development of a clear understanding mind, which reduces stress and anxiety, creates healthier choices, and stimulates fresh perspectives and new possibilities.

OUR MISSION to teach mind-changing techniques that promote strength, dignity, and clarity of purpose.

Let's assist our Community members to REBUILD - REBALANCE & RE-ENTER!
Donations are needed to provide evidence-based programs using practical methods to increase Emotional & Social Intelligence, facilitate well-being & improve stress responses changing "Wounds to Wisdom" through Community love & support.

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 Operation Dare To Care

Stress and Anxiety is a Worldwide epidemic that the World Health Organization predicted as the number one disease in 2020.  However, the spread of disease can be reduced by giving people adequate information.

Programs Adapted from the text
"Living Life As A Joyful Being;
be ready for whatever life brings!
Author Joy Jangdhari


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Technology For Your Psychology Wellness Programs creates positive change by combining neuroscience, mind-body training, and social-emotional learning.

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